Hi! We are a design & tech start-up based in Berlin with four female founders.

We are happy to shortly introduce you to our team!

What makes our team so special is the fact that we found each other through and for NOT JUST A JEWEL. None of us knew each other before and we came together through a seemingly natural combination of complementary skills. We share the same vision, but from different perspectives, since we all grew up in different environments and are at different points in our private lives.

What pushes us every day is our shared mission, to provide people in need with an effective help against violence! By connecting everything we love and enjoy:



Our team
Susana Gomez

Susana is the creative mind behind NOT JUST A JEWEL. She is a Dipl.Des. Fashion designer, founder and communications expert. Susana has worked as a freelance PR and marketing consultant in the fashion and lifestyle industry in recent years. Here she was responsible for the marketing of several global acting consumer brands. With NJAJ she is realizing her dream of building her own brand with meaning and added value.

Olya Plisko

Olya is an experienced Scrum Master and has a bachelor's degree in computer science. As a Software development expert she is leading our web and app development at NOT JUST A JEWEL.

As a Scrum Master, she is taking care of our project management by implementing agile methodologies to our team work.       

Daria Stepanova

Daria has master's degrees in aerospace management and mathematics, and a bachelor's degree in electrical engineering. She is a serial entrepreneur and, as a rocket scientist, she builds satellites and is a hardware design expert. At NOT JUST A JEWEL she is leading the technical department and is taking care of creating our wearables including hardware and embedded software development.

Vanessa Rexin

Vanessa is an industrial engineer (M.Sc.) and experienced management consultant. She is completing her PhD at the Chair of Entrepreneurship and Innovation at RWTH Aachen University and is an expert in Entrepreneurial Finance and Agile Project Management. For NOT JUST A JEWEL she is responsible for finance and business development.